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Attracting attention, that is the mission of Prismavision billboards.

Strategically placed along the roadside or at other key locations on the island, Prismavision billboards are state-of-the-art rotating image panels. Composed of a series of revolving prisms, they can display up to three different images in sequence. A moving image is far more striking than a traditional static poster, as the eye is inexorably drawn to the sudden pivoting of the image.

The size, the height and the revolving images of Prismavision billboards attract a lot of attention. Visible from a greater distance and by more people, they are hard to miss. This kind of high-end signage is the ideal solution for promoting your business, attracting new clients and ensuring that your existing clients will return to you again and again.

Prismavision is the efficient, reactive and powerful partner you need to help you stand out from the crowd, communicate and spread information. Call on us to provide the finest promotional services and to contribute to the development of your company’s image outdoors.

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