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Enjoy your trip and welcome Onboard. This magazine is for you…

If your eyes are scanning these words and your hands are turning these pages, it is probable that you have reached your destination and that the longest journey is behind you. By jet or by yacht, skimming the waves or cruising above the clouds, you have come within reach of the Caribbean islands…

A wise man once said: « The good traveler knows not where he is headed, the perfect traveler no longer knows where he is from. » That is no doubt one of the best things we could wish for all those whose travel choices demand certain standards of comfort and service.

Different as they are, the islands of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin, St Barth, Anguilla and a few others, have the marvelous ability to lift you out of everyday reality. Low key or upscale, exuberant or quietly idyllic, each one has its own rhythm and will help you, without a doubt, to discover your own.

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